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Can SEO really help sales? A double or nothing bet with a client.

Can SEO really help sales? A double or nothing bet with a client.

We spent over a year trying to convince our client that improving his search engine standings will improve sales. To this day, he's still not convinced. His point is that his particular clients don’t turn to Google to find companies like his. His business is telecom consulting. His company works to lower costs while improving the quality of fixed and mobile telecom for medium to large firms.

Current market research shows that almost 80% of companies are paying higher than market rates for telecom. His firm can save these companies 20% to 30% on these costs. This astounds me and is all the more reason to get him noticed on the search engines and social media.

After our last, somewhat heated debate, he proposed a wager to prove our position one-way or the other. He has given us four months to change his mind. He has agreed to add industry-related blog articles the website and post to the various social media outlets. Something we’ve had a difficult time getting him to do. We will concentrate on tracking via analytic software, optimize the site’s content and meta tags, build in-bound links and keep the web platform and extensions updated.

He won’t pay for pay-per-clicks ads or added hours for us to put in enough time to do this the traditional way. So, we’re using unconventional means, like this letter, while adhering to Google’s policies. We also want to keep the bet fair.

For us to win, he only requires one inquiry from the website, which must come via Google or Social Media. The inquiry must mention that they found him on Internet. Feel free to mention this letter, if that’s how you found him. With a good website and relevant content, honest search engine optimization (SEO) does work and I want to prove it once and for all!

If he wins, he owes us nothing. If we win, he pays double our normal fee.

His business is Silver Lining Telecom, http://www.silverliningtelecom.com.

Let the games begin!

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Thursday, 20 January 2022