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5 Tips to Providing Fresh Blog Content

5 Tips to Providing Fresh Blog Content

Fresh blog posts are a great way to generate traffic, keep readers returning and help increase the search engine rankings of your blog.

What's the most challenging part of blogging? For most bloggers it's providing content and maintaining a continuous schedule for posting. No doubt about it, it can be very tough, especially when you have a hoard of other responsibilities topping your to-do list.

Many of our clients have asked, "what can I do to make this process better?"  Here are 5 ways to help you frequently publish fresh blog posts without compromising the quality of the content. You’ll likely find your workload diminishes as the popularity of your blog flourishes.

1) Keep Posts Brief

People will put off writing blog posts because of the time it takes to compose them. Relax, your posts do not have to be novels. In fact, the briefer, the better in most cases. Most readers just don't have the time to invest in a full read and would prefer you just get to the point. However, if the topic calls for a lengthy post, don't be afraid to write it. If it's good, readers will hang around for the finale.

2) Prepare Posts in advance

Don't have time to consistently compose a fresh blog post on a regular schedule? Try setting aside a chunk of time every other week or even once a month and write several posts in one sitting. Then you can schedule to submit them over time.  Many say this is easier because it helps overcome writer's block by letting them maintain their train of thought without interruption.

3) Invite Other Bloggers within Your Specialty to Contribute Posts

You're probably already reading other bloggers' posts. If so, you should develop relationships with time and invite them to contribute posts to your blog. Not only will they have access to your readers, but you'll benefit from having their followers visit your site. Win-win!

4)  Invite Your Readers to be Guest Bloggers

Beyond lessening the work load for you, encouraging your readers to contribute to your blog has a few other benefits. It gets them more involved, which is a major reason why blogs are popular in the first place, and  nothing beats the feeling of contribution to increase the sense of community. Besides that, your readers will benefit from the different perspectives of contributors and you will have more insight into what your readers want to talk and read about.

5) Team Blogging

If you have the staff, designate a group of people to maintain the blog. Some task their senior leadership with sharing the responsibility and they feel better knowing they can take turns contributing.  This arrangement helps lessons the work load for one individual and provides an opportunity to share various perspectives, which adds to the depth of the blog and grows readership.

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