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How to Market a "District"

How to Market a "District"

Brand creation and marketing businesses or organizations is pretty straightforward for us. We've gotten many clients online with an impactful brand and web presence. However, one if our newest clients has turned into an interesting challenge. The 39 North Conservancy District in LaPorte County, Indiana is a connector to Indiana Toll Road 90 here in northern Indiana. Their task is to attract residential, commercial, industrial and rail businesses to build on a specific stretch of State Road 39, which has an entrance onto the toll road.

Here's How We Did (Do) It

First, we needed a short description of what this is. "39 North Conservancy District" doesn't tell you much. So, after many discussions and some research, we realized we are selling are opportunities. The opportunity is water and sewage outside of any city or town. This means city services but lower county property taxes. That's a lot of money depending on the size of your development. Realizing this, we named it "LaPorte County’s Opportunity Corridor," which pretty much says it all.

Next, we needed to get our message to the masses. We may be talking about a family planning to move to the area, a hotel chain looking for building opportunities or an industry looking to construct a new plant. So, we created a website then began focusing on key words this audience may type in to the search engines, such as “commercial real estate off 90, toll road, northwest Indiana, laporte county, etc.” Once compiled, we used these key words on the website, social media and inbound links. Through good analytics, we tracked what worked and what didn't then made the appropriate adjustments (and continue to do so). http://39northconservancydistrict.com

We then created compelling signed and billboards, so when visitors drive into the district, they knew it was something more than a road. We were sure to include our domain name, so these folks can find out more. We also stayed true to the brand by making sure everything had the same message, from billboards to the their stationary.

Finally, we empowered all the representatives with well-designed corporate collateral; so all visitors walk away with something in their hands when they visit any of the various types of properties. So far, web traffic is up as well as inquiries. We’re excited to be part of the ongoing process, especially since we also live in the “Opportunity Corridor!”

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