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Bartering for Web Design Services

UPDATE 10/5/2015: We just secured the ultimate adventure/trip in Peru! Lima - Arequipa - Puno & Lake Titicaca - Cusco - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Puerto Maldonado - Ica - Paracas are all part of our Peruvian tour, come spring of 2016. http://peruvian-sunrise.com is our new client and we couldn't be more excited about the opportunity.

We love to barter! It’s an easy way for those who may not have the budget or simply may have something valuable to offer in exchange for web design and other services.

We’ve had many successful barters, from landscaping in Indiana to a 3-month car rental in Bonaire. However, our favorite barter has been for beachfront vacation rental property in Florida. The property owner wasn’t getting as many renters as she had hoped, so her place was pretty much empty anyway. Additionally, by building a web presence along with some SEO, she could actively market her rental, working towards her occupancy goal. So, the barter was a win/win without question.

We got 3 months of warmer weather during the winter, spread out in 1-month increments over 3 years. Perfect! We used our time there during the first year to photograph the property and beach as well as write articles about attractions in the area. Basically, we built the website while we were there. Of course, we had plenty of fun under the bright Florida sun.

We returned the second year and used that time to freshen up the website with new photos and even some videos. We also connected the property with Google Places, since receiving a post card at the address and entering a code is required to get listed. So, us actually being there turned out to be very useful.

Although vacation property barter is our favorite, what do you have to trade? We’re open to just about anything. Heck, we once worked for food. Indeed, we helped out a start up country store near our home base and ate free-range pork, beef and chicken for years. We especially loved the homemade pies!

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