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39 North Conservancy District Video

This client is the reason we got into aerial imagry. The area is so large, only aerial perspectives would do the job. So, we bought a drone and pulled on our 40 years of collective (ground-based) video experience.

The 39 North Conservancy District's Opportunity Corridor is located north of La Porte, Indiana on State Road 39 and Interstate 80/90, the crossroads of the Midwest. Exit 49 off the Toll Road directs thousands of automobiles into the district daily.

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The Sculptures at PNW

Slow motion, aerial video, good copy, a little music and a nice voice tells an emotional story.

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We Now Offer Aerial Video and Photography

We bought a drone. It's easily one of the coolest gadgets I've ever bought. While traning myself on it's proper use, I had so much fun! I was even getting up at 5 a.m. to get morning shots for the promtional video we put together (below).

Thanks to my years in TV and video production, I can take the raw footage and actually bust out a nice, finished production. I hope you agree.

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