This is a post I found on Reddit. I contacted this person, and we're discussing our class action law suite. If you've been hurt and want to join us, please get in touch with this person on Reddit. Here's a link Scroll down the thread to find this user 2345678910JQKA.

First, The Marble Way law firm is a referral service allowing struggling attorneys who can’t find their clients to sign up for their network finding clients for them - this is the first thing you need to understand.

Secondly, they will overcharge you what a typical family law practice will charge - but they will make it sound more affordable by telling you they can give payment plans - and they also use selling points that charge per service, not per hour, which gives you more personal access to your lawyer without padding on extra fees per call and/or email. It’s a lie, and the opposite happened - My lawyer was nonexistent.

I hired them to reach out to an opposing counsel in my divorce to investigate my wife's disclosure and mediate that issue potentially pre-trial. I was charged nine grand and stupidly paid it up front out of desperation - afterward, the assigned attorney took zero action to even speak with opposing counsel and then attempted to arrive at my hearing completely unprepared. He mishandled the hearing, harmed my case, then after I fired him, he failed to withdraw from the case correctly - sat on a proposed order without telling me it was ready for review - and never responded to my wife’s attorney or me for over a month while they attempted to contact us. The judge signed the order without us reviewing or approving it - meanwhile, my attorney negligently ignored it and filed papers incorrectly - holding my case hostage while refusing to submit the withdrawal because he said: “it was not required.” It was indeed required, a basic motion and rule, so the court bypassed me for a month, assuming he was still my attorney- refusing to give me information until he filed his withdrawal, and all the while, he was a complete ghost on my case.

He was using Outlook/Gmail and Hotmail email addresses, which were not secure, safe, or confidential - not to mention humiliating. He missed every single appointment we made. He did zero work on my behalf, wasted my time, and harmed my case.

I ended up getting a full refund after a nightmare dispute with them. But my case has been damaged, and I am now filing a complaint with both the Bar in my state and the FTC. If I can’t repair my case and reverse the damage this lawyer caused before it’s closed, I’ll be looking at a malpractice suit. The lawyer deserved to be sued, Marble deserves to be sued, and any review site like TP helping them snag leads with dramatically high rates of false reviews also deserves to be sued.

Anyone who is researching this company should avoid it at all costs. It’s pretty apparent the reviews on Trustpilot are fake and contrast against tons of poor reviews and warnings across the web.

This burns me deeply because people are going to Marble for help with personal and critical life events; immigration, child custody, divorce, etc. This company is merely taking advantage of people needing help in a crunch and folks who don’t have access to cash to pay a normal lawyer a retainer. People's lives are at stake. Trustpilot is contributing to the issue with this company by not monitoring the very obvious fake reviews being posted daily to drown out negative reviews and trick people.

Total scam. If they screwed you, report to the local Bar in your area and complain to the FTC about how they are operating. Perhaps a class action is due before even more families are harmed by this careless and shady company.


If you post a negative review, they will frivolously report your review. They responded to my review and then flagged it for “criminal or illegal content”. Their strategy is to flag it so it goes into the review process, and people can’t read it. Then they flood positive reviews. By the time my review gets unflagged and back into view, it’s been bumped out of the recent for it to reach anyone.

I wrote TP and made a strong case for why I thought their Marble reviews should be scrutinized for abuse by the company. I never got a reply.

But the problem is much larger than just fake reviews; they flood on TP. Although I strongly suspect this is the case - it makes me curious about a possible class action suit.

We would need a group of people who Marble burned for a class action. I would attempt to gain discovery by sending a subpoena to Trustpilot regarding those reviews and attempt to prove Marble is rigging them and not real clients - which would help support the claim to boot.

I have also considered a malpractice suit on my own, but my divorce has not yet been finalized. I’m that thought. I think a malpractice suit would be on the attorney, not Marble - but I believe the way their business is set up, one could sue Marble as a company (not as a law firm for malpractice). I am unsure if I am correct, but I think I am in the green thinking zone.

If anyone is interested in such a thing, contact me, and we can discuss it together.

Either way, I def strongly suggest anyone burned by them do the following immediately:

  1. Demand a refund, and don’t back down. Continue to call. Call multiple people; they have multiple contact numbers. Demand this till you get the refund.

  2. File a complaint to your state's bar about the attorney. Even if you get the refund, file this complaint. If you don’t get the refund, the state bar usually has a program where clients can get the bar involved to help with fee arbitration.

  3. File a complaint with the FTC regarding Marble, their advertising, business practices, etc.