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We've worked with many real estate companies over the years and have associates in the industry as well. The one thing we've noticed is the desire to use the latest and greatest tools to sell properties. Sometimes these tools are little more than fads, they come and go because ultimately, they do little to help accomplish your goal. 360 degree images, drone photos and now 3D virtual tours. While these do have a cool factor, they all miss the boat because they do little to help tell the story of the property. Think wind through the pine trees, a stream in the front yard or how the light hits the wall in the dinning room in the afternoon. 

We tell the story.

With the use of our years of video production and photography skills, the need for such talents has now come full circle. Where marketing dollars had shifted to websites and Google Ad Words over the years, we're seeing viral videos performing incredibly well. If you can capture someone’s attention with a compelling clip, you can reach a wider audience through the power of social shares. Everyone loves sharing entertaining videos on Twitter and with family. Even if the audience isn’t your target, they may send the video to someone who is. These can be moving, informational or even funny.

Also, including the neighborhood in the story gives prospective buyers a much better feel for what it's like to live there. Unless you live in a major city or tourist area, chances are there are very few videos showing highlights of your neighborhood on YouTube.

Then comes the data.

The notion of "If you build it, they will come." simply doesn't work. Slapping a post on Facebook then boosting it may feel right but as you watch the number of views climb, you wonder why your phone's not ringing.

Allow us to research, create, and manage social media campaigns across every relevant platform. Included in this service is in-depth building and analytics of your audience using our comprehensive knowledge of each specific algorithm, full A/B testing, and scheduling posts on your behalf. We also specialize in YouTube and Facebook Live optimization for increased viewership and and subscription levels. You can expect an immediate increase in reach, followers, and engagement with your brand that will continue to grow as we manage your digital presence. 

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